Welcome to DACash!

Name: DACash

Symbol: DAC

Hash algorithm: X11

Type: PoW/MN

Available on basic platforms

Ideal for mining X11 algorithm and masternodes users

DACash offers current cryptocurrency solutions that are multi-platform and easy to use. Our blockhain is easy to use, and it is great for alternative use of Bitcoin owners and other cryptocurrency.

What DACash offers you

No idea what’s going on?

DACash is received, stored, sent by using software known as DACash Wallet, which we can use right now.

How it works

The way to DACash is not as complex as it seems to be

  • Download DACash Wallet

    Download the DACash Wallet app for Windows, Linux, or MacOS to create, send, and receive DACash. Be sure to encrypt your wallet and get to work.

  • Add Coins to Your Wallet

    DACash, which you have already bought or exchanged through an exchange. Your DACash address looks something like this: DVaitqhm6q*********NYQ3WiaN6h

  • Send/Receive with Wallet

    The process of sending DACash is very simple. In a nutshell you need to enter the DACash address of the recipient, specify the amount, enter your password and send.

A few words about DACash

DACash inherited the best from the currency

DACash is different from base currency you used before, so it is important to understand some key points, including the fact that this currency is anonymous when following any algorithm and can not be regulated.

DACash is based on a protocol known as the blockchain, which allows to create, transfer and verify ultra-secure financial data without interference of third parties. The technology of blocking can scale

Our mission as an official developer of DACash Core is to help you enter and better understand the world of crypto currency, use the newest technologies taking into account the experience of other currencies today!







ASIC Mining X11

Connect to one of the pools presented in the list and start mining DACash now.

Instant Send

Send your DACash instantly <5 sec with the DACash Core - Masternode network nodes.

Private Send

Your funds are anonymized through a blending technology with other network members

Community Support

We provide 24/7 expert support for the community on the official DACash core channel

Personal Wallet

Our easy-to-use personal wallet system will keep your DACash safe. You get your money without any intermediaters.


Masternodes owners reward is equal to the miners, splitted by 50 /50

DAC presents you our vision

Also, if you have any suggestions for improving DACash Core, do not hesitate to tag in social channels and offer your ideas


Algorithm: X11
Block time: 150 seconds
Block Reward: 100 DAC (Decreases by 6.25% per month since block 210 000)
Block Reward Distribution: 50% MasterNodes, 50% Miners.
Max coins: ~50 000 000 DAC
Premine: ~5% 2 500 000 DAC
Coins required for masternode: 1 000 DAC
Masternode reward starts at 10 000 block height.
Privacy: Transactions Obfuscation (PrivateSend)
Fast payments: through InstantSend (InstantSend confirmation: <5 seconds)

Security is based on the hash algorithm X11, which uses 11 different algorithms, sequential participating in the calculations. This fact increases the amount of miners in the network, which therefore makes attacks to intercept mining the blocks impossible.

Masternode is a node (computer, server) running on the network with a cryptocurrency wallet running on it with a certain number of coins.

Masternodes are responsible for locking and confirmation of the transaction (4-5 seconds) - InstantSend; the mixing transaction (i.e. data encryption) - PrivateSend.

DACash Masternode requires:

at least 1000 DACash on balance;

availability of a dedicated IP-address;

availability of uninterrupted operation of the system 24 / 7 (provided communication loss - no more than 1 hour).